Who ever said Conformity was a bad thing?

With Editor Tools, you can re-assemble your cut quickly and accurately
with a simple change note from an AVID or Final Cut Pro (do people still use FCP?).

  • It's Fast!!

    An editor complained to me that it took him 15 minutes to conform a 400+ track session with Editor Tools. I asked him to tell me how long it took to do by hand. I'm still waiting for him to call me back.

  • From Cats to Norcal

    Editor Tools has been running strong across OSX and Protools since ...well a long time, basically through several post production company bankruptcies. Whether on Lion or Yosemite, Editor Tools has been updated to change with the times.

  • It's no longer Free??

    It was free for 7 years. But I'm not a bachelor anymore. I have to buy diapers, spend time with my wife, and update the application. Besides, I take your calls, right?

  • So what's next?

    Watch the tutorial videos at the link for further information. They cover everything from how to conform super-sessions to working with large number of tracks.

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